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Skylights: An Eco-friendly Lighting Way!

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Every day we use a window in your house, office, school and even in your car or any other vehicle. The work of the window is the same everywhere, to prevent you from outside dust and giving you a good look. Windows also do another work to provide a sufficient amount of light. When you install a skylight; it will provide you lots of benefits.

Nowadays, as environmental pollution is increasing day to day and \”go green\” slogan getting louder. People now become more concerned about environmental protection. In the whole scenario, effective skylights can play a crucial part in overwhelming the issue of environmental issues. Here are some points that can clarify how a skylight is eco-friendly for us.

Moulds and mildews:

A house without a window becomes the harbor of moisture. Moisture can cause many moulds and mildews. These tiny microbial can become health the hazard for humans. Harsh chemicals are cost-effective to cope with these microbial but these chemicals are toxic for the environment. On the other hand, these microbial affect our indoor environment and boost the risk of itching in eyes, throat, skin, and nose.
Sunlight is a good source in eliminating these microbial. Velux windows are a good source of sunlight. By installing skylights a house can prevent all kinds of microbial that are harmful to health. Sunlight increases the temperature of the room that decreases the moisture level.

Natural light:

Electricity plants are increasing environmental pollution. Day to day the graph of environmental pollution is increasing instead of flatting. Lots of studies have proved that if we don\’t flat this graph so, our planet will not able to support life anymore.

For flatting the graph of environmental pollution skylights or Velux windows are a good choice. By these skylights, we can get a sufficient amount of natural light. In day time by switching off the electricity or artificial lights and by using skylights we can save our earth. As the consumption of electricity will decrease the plants that produce artificial electricity will automatically start shutting down.

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Every company should put it partly in reducing environmental pollution and healing the earth because if the earth stops sustaining life; the human cannot live longer.