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We don’t just promise we deliver. That’s saying something. In today’s time, even in Australia, you might find a lot of businesses are being run under the notion that they are Australian owned and run. But, when you actually go to deal with them, you see a stranger who is in no way affiliated to the actual owners. And it isn’t even the same person you talked on the phone with, so you have to explain everything all over again. Well, that’s not us. When we say that when you come to us we, the actual owners, will be the ones dealing with you, we mean it. The reasons for this are plenty. Starting from the fact that we understand what our customers want ending on the note that your experience with us, matters to us. We want to provide the best service, all over.  This can also be judged from the fact that we only use Australian manufactured goods, even the steel that goes into our sheds for sale in Melbourne is a 100 percent Australian.   

To us delivering doesn’t mean just your purchases reaching you and that’s it. We make sure at every step of the way that you are fully satisfied. We also make sure that you don’t cover as much freight as you do in cost. Which is why we ship you your merchandise from your nearest warehouse. It makes for on time delivery as well. We also have a team of specialists that fit them, as you want. Additionally, our company also offers to make custom design wide span sheds or garages according to your taste, if you don’t want the ready made ones. We can make as many or as few doors and windows as you want. The sizes can be whatever you want them to be. You can make any and all alterations and we have a wide palette of colours you can choose from too. If you have a farm and are on the look out for a shelter for your animals, look no more. Our steel barns can be made specifically for your livestock needs. Just tell us which animal you want it for, and leave the making up to us. If you only want a shed for storage purposes or for a car, we can make one with a remote control door, side door access leading straight into the house and no windows, so that it doesn’t unnecessarily dust up your belongings for no reason. Living in the North is getting dangerous. Order one of our cyclone proof sheds now and you will see the difference between ours and others. Finding it difficult making up your mind? Don’t falter from calling us though. As we mentioned earlier, we believe in good service. So, if you call us for advice or about getting a ballpark estimate for something, it will be free of charge and free of any commitments. Or you can simply visit us at to get more details.