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A Brief Plant Profile Of The Photinia Red Robin

Photinia red robin is the type of the shrub that is evergreen and the name is derived from the vibrant red colour of its leaves especially when these are young but when these ages, they change their colour to the dark green. Another name for the photinia red robin is the Fraser. This is very popular shrub as it is easily maintained. The height of the shrub could reach about 6 to 10 feet and therefore, these are used in the hedges and screens manufacturing.

The important feature of this photinia red robin is the leaves and their unique colour transformation. If you could keep on trimming the shoots carefully then this shrub could have leaves around the year. The shrub not only have the vibrant red leaves but also has the white or more precisely creamed coloured flowers. But as good as these flowers look, as bad as they smell. This is the reason many gardens do not let these flowers grow on the photinia red robin but cut these. But if the flowers bloom then they also produce a small fruit which is called the red pome fruit.

How could you grow the photinia red robin?

These are good for the areas where the sun is bright and the weather is dry. They need to be exposed to sunlight because too much of shade could cause them to grow fungal. If you are planting the shrubs then make sure you leave at least the 6 feet distance because these have fast growth rate and in no time, these will be spread to at least 8 to 12 feet. Its important that you water the plant and keeps its soil moisturized to ensure that the roots are developed.

Light and temperature:

As mentioned earlier it is best to keep these under direct sun but even if there is partial sun then it is fine as well but if the temperature is cool in the area then it certainly requires the direct sunlight.

Water, soil and fertilizers:

The wet soil is not good for the photinia red robin and you could have the good air movement for this to grow well. Watering the photinia red robin once a week is best and make sure you water only the roots and the soils and do not water the leaves as the leaves must be kept dry. There is no particular need of the fertilizers in case of the murraya paniculata but if the quality of the soil is very much poor then you could add the organic fertilizers to increase the soil quality.

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How To Take Care Of Your Garden During The Summer

The summer months do not only bring you endless amounts of sunshine. But it also signifies the time where people spend a majority of their time outdoors. That is because not only is the weather amazing. But nature would also be in full bloom. Therefore due to this reason we understand that you would want your garden to be in top condition. That is because you would not only want to enjoy your yard during these months. But you would also want to entertain people. However, we understand that many don’t know about the special care you need to take.

Keep The Plants Watered

We know that tree lopping Narre Warren would not be your main priority during the summer months. Instead, it would be irrigation. That is because due to the harsh weather you would want to ensure that the plants have enough and more water. Thus, the way to do this is by watering the plants every day. But remember that you cannot water them at any time you like. We would ideally advise you to water them in the early mornings. That is because then the soil would have to absorb the water before it gets evaporated by the heat. Thus, that is why you should never water your plants during the middle of the day. But we understand that not everyone is able to water their plants in the morning. In that case, what you need to do is water them early in the evening. As the sun would have set by then the plant would have time to absorb moisture. But remember that you don’t have to water the plants if you don’t want to. Instead, you can easily install sprinklers.

Be Smart When Selecting Plants

During the summer season, many individuals tend to plant more plants than usual. That is because it is more enjoyable to the garden during this time of the year. But you don’t have to be a well-trained arborist to know that not every plant thrives under this hot weather. Therefore you need to be smart when selecting the plants that you want to plant in your garden. Ideally, you should select those that would thrive under this harsh sun. That is because those plants that require a significant amount of moisture or shade is unlikely to survive this season.Summer is the season when your garden should be in full bloom. It is also the time where you are most likely to enjoy this space. Thus, that is why you need to make sure that your plants are well taken care of. The best way to do this is by following the aforementioned guide.