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Taking Care Of Hair Through Keratin Treatment

Hair need to be taken care of 

Taking care of your hair is usually something you don’t consider until it’s too late. Just like your skin, hair do need to be taken care of. People usually neglect the hair-care until they notice too much dandruff or oil in their scalp. Although these minor issues are recoverable and it’s never too late to start taking care of your scalp, it is much better if you start following simple basic tips that will keep your scalp and hair healthy. The tips will be mentioned in the end, but first let’s talk about what really damages the hair.  

The Treatments for hair 

Being a girl, you must be looking for opportunities to flaunt your long hair and in doing so, you’d often be applying chemicals on your hair and going through different treatments. We know these treatments are important for you so advising you to stop undergoing such treatments would be unjust. Treatments like streaking or blond highlighting, make your hair look appealing and if you have the length for it, these treatments can really add to your overall look. However, it is recommended that once in a while, you undergo treatments that repair your hair. The shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair, but in the long run, there’s a dire need for treatments like keratin treatment in Windsor or opaplex that aims at healing your damaged hair. Frequent long exposure to chemicals often damages the hair follicles. To make up for this damage, you should treat your hair with a treatment that repairs the damaged follicles. 


The treatment opaplex is usually used by people who have damaged their hair using too excessive amount of bleach. This treatment is also known as the ‘bond building’ treatment. This is because it repairs the broken hair and connects the broken disulfide bonds. Treating your hair with this repairing treatment not only heals your damaged hair follicles, but also gives your hair a fresher look by reducing the dullness or the dryness.  

Keratin Treatment  

The keratin treatment is known for repairing your hair by providing your hair with the required protein and other chemicals. This treatment cures the roots of the hair by providing the right nourishment for your hair. Like opaplex, keratin treatment not only repairs your hair, but also gives a shiny and smooth look. The exact composition of the repairing chemical used in keratin treatment is not defined. This depends on the stylist, who uses a blend of different chemicals, as per the need of your hair. The exact composition might vary, but the abundance of keratin in the formula is certain. Keratin is a protein that your hair need for growth and for a healthy look.  

As mentioned earlier, there are some tips that you can make a part of your routine, in order to maintain healthy hair. Start following these tips and you’ll notice the change in as soon as 2 weeks!  

  • Keep a balanced diet having all nutrition 
  • Massage your hair at least thrice a week 
  • Trim your hair every at least every 2-3 months 
  • Don’t shampoo your hair everyday 
  • Avoid using too many chemicals on your hair 
  • Don’t brush too often